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Erica Sings – Art for healing!

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Today , I’d like to present you Erica Sings, young Italian artist and hers Mandalas paintings. She started to paint Mandalas because she realized the great healing power they have. She said, that she started creating Mandalas by synchronicity, she was drawn to these circles, spirals, this Sacred Geometry that is present in our everyday vision. She began to feel more relaxed, to experience deep states of meditation, to feel more focused with clearer ideas, sometimes she feel euphoria simply contemplating beauty. She feel Mandalas have a very powerful energy, and we  respond instinctively to it, that’s a natural reaction.

Mandala (in Sanskrit means sacred circle)  is the original form of the universe itself from other forms emerged. Each symbol has its vibration, each color reminds her of the rainbow and chakras. It all starts with a circle and reach its center, that is also your center. It is a symbol of wholeness, completeness, found in cultures worldwide. Working with Mandalas help you to reconnect with your body, your mind and your spirit so you feel complete and full, instead of stressed and disassembled.

The benefits of working with Mandalas:
• Calm the mind and calm the emotions
• Reach meditative states, focus and settle down
• Reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure
• Develop a sense of well-being, stimulate your creativity
• Integrating various aspects of yourself
• Access to your emotions and your inner wisdom

Here are some of her works, and you can find more about it on:

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