Simple Artistic DIY Projects With Watercolors

Watercolor Gift Tags

  Is there anything more artistic than crafting with watercolors? 

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Old Sweater Reuse Ideas You Didn t See!

More Recycled Sweater Vases

Now that the cold weather’s finally taking off , check out your sweater collection and if  you’ve got a few ill-fitting or out-of-style sweaters in your stash, try some of these fun sweater crafts to make them useful again! If ...

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Colorize Your World: 20 Super Cool Nail Polish DIY Projects !

Marbled eggs

It might seem a little bit unconventional to use nail polish as a crafting tool, but actually you can use it to revive old items around your house you don’t like anymore. By mixing different colored nail polishes in water, ...

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Kitchen Hacks That’ll Make You Cook Like A PRO!

kitchen hacks

  We’ve hacked your kitchen! Even if you think you figured it out, prepare to have your mind blown (even if just a little bit) with this ingenious little advices!  

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30 Terrific Spray Paint DIY Projects!

Plastic Animal

  Simple bottles and mason jars can be easily transformed from boring to joyful flower vases just by coloring them ! Painting with spray it is so easy that you will fall in love for sure with one these projects. ...

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Fabulous DIY Gifts You’ll Want To Save For Yourself!

5. Dinosaur Phone Tripod

  For all those creative spirits who love cool but cheap diy gifts (aka everyone), here is inspiring collection! It’s holiday season, and we are pretty sure that soon you will ran out of gift ideas! So we thought we ...

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Summarizing 2014: Our The Most Popular Posts!


  We all have tendency to think about what have we done in last last year , what was good and what was great! Just Imagine team did it too, and here is our conclusion!  We did a lot , ...

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15 Cutest Tissue Paper Crafts!


Projects with tissue paper are so easy but so beautiful! In combination with modge podge you can make a lot of pretty things with them. Flowers and pom-poms are certainly the cutest ones. Use it to decorate lanterns, gift wraps, ...

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Lovely Holiday Decorating With Pinecones !

DIY Pinecone Ornaments & My Tree

  It’s easy and it’s totally free! Decorating and crafting with pinecones gives your home beautiful holiday look. Stringing pinecone ornaments with twine and burlap creates a rustic and natural feel to your home.  Play with your kids while making ...

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The Coolest Ways To Make Something New Out of Something Old!


  For my favorite crafting people!  Fresh new DIY ideas to do this weekend!

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