25 Upcycling Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before!

Creating A Mason Jar Centerpiece From Old Barn Wood Or Pallets

    Upcycling is the new black!   Improve your home appeal with cheap almost free materials! Junk materials lurk everywhere. Abandoned pallets, vintage fences, old drawers, all those stuff at first seems useless.  But actually salvaged  junk might be ...

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Coolest Pumpkin Inspired DIY Ideas

Pumpkin Inspired Ideas

    Pumpkin is a must!   Can you really imagine fall decor without pumpkins, of course no! But although pumpkins are used to decorate,  they can be useful tool to store drinks, chips, flowers? And if you happen to ...

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DIY Collection: Cute & Cozy Crafts To Do This Fall!

DIY Collection Cute  Cozy Crafts To Do This Fall!

    Every year we try to collect fresh new fall diy ideas to keep you crafty and creative!  Of course pumpkins, leaves and orange colour is certainly the most important detail of the every project! Maybe summer is not over ...

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Glow In The Dark Jar Tutorial


    For the paint here is used Tulip glow in the dark fabric paint and you don’t even have to use paintbrushes. The ends on these are awesome for dots! It will take about 2 hours to completely finish but you ...

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Photo Frames DIY Ideas


    Make a unique DIY photo frame! DIY photo frames with materials ranging from upcycled materials like old books to scrabble pieces added onto a store bought photo frame. What better way is there to display cherished photos than to put the effort ...

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DIY Wood Burned Kitchen Utensils


    Perfect DIY Project to do this weekend! Wood burning is a great way to change up any wood objects you may have. It’s very easy, but requires some patience and concentration!

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20 Tiny Lil Gardens For Tiny Spaces!

This pineapple planter is made out of air dry clay

  Unfortunately, a lot of us living in a small apartments , often rented one so we do not have a garden. But we still love plants! Don’t let tiny home prevent you from having a cute , lil garden!  I ...

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Wood Log DIY Ideas

Wood and Burlap Wreath

  I know it’s not a fall, but still you can be crafty with wood logs! 

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  Cute, easy and soooo cool! These ideas will thrill you! Definitely the prettiest way to fill your weekend by crafting this goodies!

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15 Fantastic Homemade Wine Bottle DIY Ideas

How to Make a Chandelier From Old Wine Bottles

  Ok wine lovers, here is an awesome project for you! If you happen to have a lot of wine glass bottles, then you are lucky! You can make fantastic stuff ! Chandeliers, vases, centerpieces, there is plenty of ideas ...

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