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15 Holly Pallets DIY Projects You Just Have To Make!

Washi tape mini wood pallet DIY coasters

  For the love of pallets!  Once more we collected some fantastic pallets projects you have to see! Cheap, and easy, but so helpful and useful in household, pallets are awesome material to craft with! 

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Stylish And Cheap DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Geometric Wool Felt Pillows

Yes, you can achieve a high-end look without blowing your budget! Give your space fresh appeal with these ideas to make it look more expensive.

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Perfect Backyard DIY Projects To Do This Weekend!


With the sun at our backs, it’s time to make plans for the great outdoors. Take a weekend–or even just one day–for that long put-off project that will transform your backyard!

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Bohemian Interior Inspiration

Bohemian Interior16

  Bohemian decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items for all the world to see. It flies in the face of modern sensibilities and embraces the carefree, the relaxed and the unusual. ...

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20 Unique DIY Ideas For Rustic Industrial Decor Style

Factory Cart Coffee Table

  Industrial decor style is perfect for any interior. From living rooms, to bedrooms or even dining spaces. All you need for this style is to create an illusion of rough surfaces. Use materials that suggest industrial past. Worn wood ...

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Stylish DIY Photo Gallery Idas You Will Love!

Mod Podge Canvas Photo Prints

When you decorating your walls, family photos are the first ones you use. So don’t just hang them, make gorgeous and unique photo display with just a little effort!

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20 DIY Coffee Table Ideas That’ll Keep You Up at Night!

ikea hack- coffee table

  Craving something new in your home? Coffee table is often favorite part of home furniture, so why wouldn’t you get yourself new one? What if I tell you, there are fantastic ideas to upcycle wood logs, pallets, old doors ...

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Home Decor Ideas On a Budget that Make Your Home a Better Place!


Revamping your home decor sound like a huge project but  you don’t always have to spend a king’s ransom to do it! Ideas that call for a little imagination, and little money, add instant style to any decor.  With these decorating ...

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Utilize Every Corner Of Your Home!

Sleek Kitchen Corner Cabinets

  Make a use of every nook in your home! Corners are one of the most tricky spaces for decorating, but not anymore! 

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Cheer Up Your Rented Home!

Gorgeous DIY Window Treatments

  Dear renters, just because you don’t own your home doesn’t mean you can’t customize it. Here are some great solutions for your rented space! Believe me , there are easy, fun, DIY ways to customize your rented space without losing your ...

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