Camera-Shy Girlfriend Hides From Her Photographer Boyfriend!

Camera-Shy Girlfriend Hides From Photographer Boyfriend!

          Some people can’t get enough of having their photos taken. Photographer Mikaël Theimer‘s girlfriend is the opposite. She’s extremely camera shy, so it’s difficult for Theimer to get any photo of her smiling and looking into ...

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10 Floors, 10 Apartments & 10 Different Lives

9th floor

      Bogdan Gîrbovan is the Romanian photographer behind the project “10/1.” “10/1″ is comprised of ten photographs, taken in ten single room flats in an apartment block located in the eastern area of Bucharest,” writes Gîrbovan. “It is a ...

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Stop What You’re Doing And Take A Look At This Selfie Master!


    Allan Dixon is a self-proclaimed “animal whisperer,” and if his incredible selfies are any indication, the title is one that’s well-earned. He’s posted many pictures on his wanderlust-inducing Instagram that show him posing with various creatures, both large and ...

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Precious Friendship Between Little Girl & Her Dog!


  It’s well known that dogs are the best friends of human. Three year old Sienna and her canine pal Buddha showed that on the most adorable way!  Their sweet photographs were captured by Siena’s mother Tara Prucha, and she ...

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Find the Girls on the Negatives: Searching for the Origins of Stunning Photos Found in a Thrift Store!


    He purchased a box of old negatives in Thrift Store and here is what happened next! Six years ago, one man purchased a box of old negatives and sparked an online hunt that would eventually shed light on ...

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10 The Most Colorful Places On Earth


It may look like a dream , but these places are real, and on our planet!

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Lose Your Mind In This Stunning 10K Timelapse of Brazil!


  To showcase the awesome power of the PhaseOne IQ180 camera, timelapser and photographer John Capra, a.k.a.Scientifantastic, had to become a surgeon of sorts. 10328×7760 – A 10K Timelapse Demo is exactly what it sounds like: a timelapse video constructed out of photographs ...

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Who Stands Behind The World’s Most Famous Photographs?


  Image credits: Photographs by Tim Mantoani and used with permission.   Photographer Tim Mantoani is the man behind one of the great photo projects and books of our time. Called “Behind Photographs“, the series is a giant collection of giant 20×24 Polaroid ...

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Hilarious Perfect Timing Shoots !

perfect timing9

  Perfect timing in life and in photography it seems to be same thing! If you fetch exact moment  you’ll win the prize! 

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World’s Best Father: Dave Engledow with Daughter Alice Bee


    Every so often we come across something special, something different, and something very, very witty. Here we have a wonderful selection of photos from the ‘World’s Best Dad’, so proclaimed by the mug you will see strategically used ...

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