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Best Free Time Killing Apps while Traveling

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Even though the concept of “killing time” is foreign to a lot of people, especially within the DIY/craft community, certain time-wasting situations are simply unavoidable in everyday life. 

Whether you are travelling, commuting, queueing, _____ (insert your own common time lag scenario), the circumstances sometimes simply force you to take a breather. 

Still, if you’d like to keep the good old wheels churning even in the times of dreaded inactivity, your smartphones can fill that time with apps that will inspire, stimulate, challenge and entertain you. 

Here is a brief selection of ideal (and perfectly free) apps for those rare moments when we are doing nothing.

WikiHow (iOS)

There is an abundance of apps aimed at DIY and crafts enthusiasts, but none of them can come close to matching the informational span of our tired and tested old friend, WikiHOW. From browsing for inspiration for a future project to in-depth tutorials on handling everything from exotic dishes to household appliances, from pet care to relationship advice (!), the WikiHow app has an answer for everything, and it’s usually a good one. It is perfect for keeping your brain engaged in work mode even in the briefest of time spans. 

QuizUp (iOS)

The great thing about QuizUp is that you can tune in for a brief check up on your knowledge when the time is tight, but also engage others if time and circumstances allow it. Play a fun and educational game with your friends or family, put your own knowledge to the test against other users from all over the world, or play alone if that’s more to your liking. QuizUp has an extensive library of brain scratchers on virtually any topic, and it will allow you to brush up on your knowledge and learn something new –  while you’re doing nothing!

Farm Slam (iOS)

What sets Farm Slam apart from a variety of other match-3 games is its ability to pull you in and keep you immersed for levels on end. Individual levels are fairly short, yet you quickly find yourself jumping from one level to the next without any intention of putting down your device. The levels seem to intuitively follow your progress, becoming progressively more demanding as you get a better hang of it. And once you venture beyond the primary level boards, you will find an entire world populated with fun, goofy farmers, adorable animals, and an entire estate waiting to be restored to its full glory. Whether you’re looking to kill a few minutes or give yourself a long breather after a hard day’s work, you will have a hard time finding a casual gaming experience as fun and fulfilling as Farm Slam.  

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