Everybody has a twin! Portraits of STRANGERS who look the double of each other!

Sister act: Marie Chantal (left) and Nancy Paul, in Montreal in 2004, have remarkably similar smiles

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At first glance, it’s an elegant set of portraits of twins – but look more closely and the secret is revealed. None of the individuals captured by photographer Francois Brunelle are related by blood, their faces just have strikingly similar characteristics. 

Mr Brunelle, who lives in Québec, has studied the human face since he started out as a photographer at the age of 18 in 1968.The collection, entitled I’m not a look-alike!, features a range of individuals from North American and European backgrounds who are not related, side by side. According to the photographer, the portraits allow him to explore the intimate relationship between subjects and how they approach their remarkably similar appearances.

The photographer continues to look for subjects and is inviting people to come forward until he finishes the project next year. More details can be found at brunelle.com.

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