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The Hull Of An Old, Abandoned Ship Turned Into Art Museum!

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The hull of an old, abandoned ship was recently given new life as a spectacular pavilion for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea. Located in Seoul, the Temp’L features the rusted steel vessel turned upside down and uses its hollowed insides as the setting for vibrant greenery and relaxing seating space.

Shinslab Architecture was the brains behind the converted structure. To transform the hull, they first sawed it from the corroded ship and chose to let its raw, reddish exterior remain. The interior saw the most drastic changes, including a fresh coat of white paint, a balcony, a spiral staircase, and trees tall enough to meet the ceiling.

The results of the rehabilitation are a visually stunning collision of rustic and modern aesthetics. Shinslab hopes that it will encourage visitors to reflect on the act of recycling—specifically, how it can be used in architecture. “Any great cultural vestiges can lose their function,” they said. “In the same way, a material can also lose its original value over time. The fact that the destiny of cultural relics is to be dismantled, should make us reflect upon what we need to consider for future generations.”


Shinslab Architecture: Website
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