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The Largest Vertical Garden in the World

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Located in Rozzano, Italy, the vertical garden at the Fiordaliso Shopping Center was recognized this week by the Guiness World Records as the largest vertical garden in the world.

Covering a surface of 1,263 square meters (13,594 square feet) with a total of 44,000 plants, the massive vertical garden surpassed the former record-holder, a vertical garden in Madrid that covered 844 square meters (9,085 sq ft).

The garden was innaugurated in 2010 and was designed by architect Francesco Bollani, who remarked, “it took us a year to grow the plants in a greenhouse and 90 days to build the facade. It was like building a giant Lego!”

The garden, which uses small metallic containers and no soil, cost approximately $1.3 million to build.

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