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Vietnam Crazy House!

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Would you like to sleep in hotel like this?  Sometimes it’s really hard to find free bed in this hotel well known as  ‘Vietnam Crazy House’ .

Former president of Vietnam’s daughter decided to  build a very unusual building in Dalat, Southern Vietnam. Now that’s a hotel, which is known throughout the world as the ‘Vietnam Crazy House’.  In this hotel you can stay  in a cave room, or in a room full of giant spider webs. You sit and have a cup of tea in a huge concrete giraffe.  

This building resembles a little on a scary giant tree, containing many animals, giant mushrooms and ticks. This is the real house from a fairy tale that awakens the imagination. Unusual idea of Vietnamese architect Dang Viet Nga is often compared with masterpieces of Gaudi and Salvador Dali. The house is open to the public 1990th year, and according to the Chinese People’s Daily Journal, ‘Vietnam Crazy House” is on the list of 10 most unusual buildings of the world.


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