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10 Awesome Outdoor Installations

2. Interactive Electric Cloud

This large-scale interactive installation called Cloud was built by Calgary-based artist Caitlind Brown. Exhibited this past September at Nuit Blanche in Calgary, Cloud was made with more than 5,000 light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs and chain pull strings. Visitors could walk through the rain of strings, switching the lights on and off. This gave the fun illusion that lighting was flashing across the surface of the cloud.

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While art viewed inside the confines of a museum’s walls will always have its place, public outdoor art installations are truly inspiring, giving viewers a broader sensory experience. These three-dimensional works are often site-specific, meaning they were created for that particular place. Today, we’ve rounded up ten recent favorites that were each made with the viewer in mind. While some of them were intentionally created for public interaction, others are just meant to be enjoyed from a more distant view. via My Life Scoop

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