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Amazingly Creative Food Art Creations

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Ida Skivenes created this food Art pieces, that will surely brighten your day!

In June 2012, she saw a photo on the Internet of two pieces of toast that looked like a bear and a fox and she wondered if she could copy it.

She did and almost immediately people started to take notice. “I got good feedback, so I tested a few of my own ideas,” she tells us. “I found it to be a fun way for me to combine my interests for art and food, plus the chance to exercise my creative side.

Two months ago, Instagram featured her clever food art creations on their blog, which sparked even more people to start following her. Currently, Ida has over 90,000 fans and her simple concepts have evolved to more complicated ones. Inspired by everything from movies and cartoons to modern art, Ida continually surprises her audience because they’re always left wondering where she’ll take them next.


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