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Amir Zainorin: Postcard Series

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Malaysian artist Amir Zainorin, who now splits his time between his country of origin and Denmark, likes to urge the viewers of his art to challenge the traditional notions of religion and identity in relation to globalization.

In his Postcard Series, Zainorin copied the images of Mao, Queen Elizabeth, and George Washington from the Chinese Yuan, the British Pound, and the U.S. Dollar, respectively. Using postcards collected from restaurants and galleries, Amir pinned these cards creating the currency portraits.

From the artist:
The postcards are pinned on to the wall while the rest are laid down on the floor. This gives the work a mortality or temporary status in which it occupies the space for only a period of time, just like a system, an empire or a person, [Mao, the Queen, and Washington]. After some time they are remembered in history books, on paper currencies, posters, stamps or on a postcard.

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