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Art Of Make Up: Dazzling Eyelid Paintings By Tal Peleg

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Israeli makeup artist Tal Peleg doesn’t just use cosmetics for a little pop of color or to conceal a blemish. No, she’s turned eye makeup into an art form where the eyelid is her canvas. Her tools are eye shadow and eyeliner, and with them she transforms the skin around it into tiny and intricately-detailed paintings.  

Peleg cleverly works with the contours of the face to craft miniature scenes that reminds us of our favorite tales. She depicts The Sound of MusicPhantom of the Opera, and Little Red Riding Hood on the upper part of the brow and sometimes colors its hair as well. Aside from well-known stories, she’ll also paint works that are simply beautiful to look at, adding glitter and mirror-like triangles to her designs. It’s incredible to see the drama and range of emotion that Peleg conveys using an unconventional surface and tools.

Tal Peleg Deviant Art page and Facebook page

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