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CD installation at Waddesdon Gardens by Bruce Munro

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Bitish artist Bruce Munro has conceived two large-scale installations for Waddesdon Manor, Buckinghamshire, england –
embroidering the undulating landscape with thousands of glistening CDs. The first piece is entitled ‘blue moon on a platter’ -coating the the banks of the Waddesdon Garden Ampitheatre with a polychromatic luminescence – measuring 28 metres across.
Positioned in the centre of the artwork is a 1.5m ‘moon’, made up of coiled optic fibres from which the CDs radiate – luminous from the blue orb kept alight by a metal halide projector. The second installation is called ‘angel of light’,  a carpet of 50,000 CDs glimmering across the front lawn in a perfect curve – referencing a halo effect. both works are on show now through the christmas season until january 1st, 2013.

 images © BruceMunro 2012
photos by Mark Pickthall

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