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Colorfully Lit Wire Sculptures at Nuit Blanche Paris

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French artist Cédric Verdure is a multidisciplinary artist who creates all kinds of sculptural people, animals, and shapes out of recycled wire. Reworking the slender, rigid material into complex patterns, he builds hollow silhouettes and illuminates them with colorful lights. For this year’s Nuit Blanche in Paris, the artist, along with Timothy Toury, created a captivating light installation entitled Les Gardiens du Trésor.

During the Nuit Blanche event, visitors were invited to walk around this army of elves that stood as protectors of the treasures located in the Crédit Municipal de Paris. The website describes the installation as, “A stroll through the magical world of myths and light, a modern fairy tale accompanied by original music by Sophie Bommart.” An army of human-like guards, a circle of dancing creatures, and a mythical dragon warded off intruders in this stunning installation by the inventive artist.

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