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Famous Artists in their Studios

Auguste Renoir, 1919

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It’s always nice to see pictures of artists in their most sacred moments, during their time of working. The way they are into their work and the way they focus on their art, even the way they pose in front of it, show the person behind the artist. People that express their anger, show their anxiety and enthusiasm, and await for the reaction of the public towards their work.

Apart from being superstars in the art scene, Dali, Picasso and Duchamp were also people doing -their fine, job. This list features portraits of artists, capturing their personality and the complexity of their persona, revealing the human behind the art. From Auguste Renoir to Eva Hesse, this series of images presents intimate moments of some of the most famous, influential and adored artists of the 20th century.

Images: Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images


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