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“Ice men” by Nele Azevedo in Belfast, Ireland

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NÉLE AZEVEDO is an artist and independent researcher. Lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. Master in visual arts by the Sao Paulo State University Arts Institute (Unesp 2003) and bachelor in fine arts by Santa Marcelina College in 1997.

In 1998 launched a single exhibition with an installation of iron sculptures at the Brazilian Post Cultural Center (Rio de Janeiro) and won the acquisition prize in the Santo André Art Hall, Sao Paulo.

In 2002, was awarded the Bunkyo Art Hall 1st prize with an installation of sculptures in acrylic. In the same year of 2002, started working on interventions in urban space with the Minimum Monument Project, which discuss the contemporary public monuments in cities such as Brasilia, Salvador, Curitiba, Sao Paulo (Brazil); Havana (Cuba); Tokyo and Kyoto (Japan); Paris (France); Braunschweig and Berlin (Germany); Porto (Portugal); Italy and Florence (Italy). These interventions have become known worldwide as “melting men” or “army of melting men. ”

The Minimum Monument

The Minimum Monument  project is a critical reading of the monument in the contemporary cities. In a few-minutes action, the official canons of the monument are inverted: in the place of the hero, the anonym; in the place of the solidity of the stone, the ephemeral ice; in the place of the monumental scale, the minimum scale of the perishable bodies.

The project started with solitary figures, later a multitude of small sculptures of ice were placed in public spaces of several cities. The memory is inscribed in the photographic image and shared by everyone. It is no longer reserved to great heroes nor to great monuments. It loses its static condition to gain fluidity in the urban displacement and in the change of state of the water. It concentrates small sculptures of small men, the common men.

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