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Incredible Leaf Art

Airplane Oak Leaf

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A steady hand is required in order to create these detailed and delicate masterpieces. Lorenzo Duran Silva is a Spanish artist who uses leaves as his canvas, first drying and pressing them, before cutting out a particular pattern or design using a knife. Other artists, such as Malaysian graphic designer Tang Chiew Ling creates pictures by drawing silhouettes around the leaves he uses (can you spot his reworking of a famous Banksy street art piece?)

But you don’t need to cut leaves to create beautiful works of art; by just arranging leaves in a certain way, painting, printing or even sewing them together, you can produce effortlessly pretty crafts. And, helpfully, Mother Nature takes care of the colours – just take a look outside. We think you’ll agree that there’s an unbelievably huge range to work with!

Preserving what you collect is easy too, and not only makes the leaves easier to craft with, but keeps them looking bright and colourful for longer! See how to look after your leaves here.

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