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Interview with digital Artist Omri Koresh

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01)   First please introduce yourself

My name is Omri Koresh, born in 1986 and currently living in a most controversial country, Israel, I’m a painter, always have painted, digitally as well as traditionally and currently working on my BFA to get that silly paper that declares that I have knowledge about art stuffed into my brain although I thought myself basically everything alone.

02) Tell us about you. 

I’m a young artist; basically I just finished my BFA besides one course that I need to re-take next year. I create art in different mediums; sculpture, oil paintings, digital painting and I seldom combine some of them to create different kinds of art. Currently I live in Israel, I continue to create different kinds of art and I get commissioned sometimes. I have my own site: that you are invited to visit at any time!


03) When was the first time you fell in love with the digital art world? And why?

It’s a funny story, a friend of mine in the 9th grade gave me the program “Photoshop”, it was the first time I heard about it. I played with the program a lot and I saw I could paint with it! Afterwards I started looking around the web for what I can do with it and I saw great paintings. Unfortunately in Israel it’s not really popular as in the USA so people still look at me strange when I say I paint digitally.  When I started painting digitally I used a mouse, I still have a little dent the table made underneath my right palm from using it too much. I loved the medium because it’s cheap, it’s fun and I could paint/practice with different ways of thinking, it has a lot more options then a regular canvas.


04)    How did you find your artistic style?

As a kid I was influenced by my dad, he’s a hardball person with a though and rough personality but with a good heart and on top of that an amazing painter although he stopped painting when I was a kid. I always went into the basement to see his old work, which has surrealistic imagery, mixed with a guideline of rot, decay and melancholy I was influenced by the famous Dali and MC Escher as well. In later years I found more and more artists that I liked and got my head spinning with stunning visuals and organic concepts that helped me along the way to become myself and find my own voice.


05) Where are you located now? Do you wish to be somewhere else at this moment, instead?

Basically, anywhere else, I want to work and travel, it’s important for me to exhibit my work, I’m proud of it. I want to show my work in important galleries and to make a living at it, Israel is so tiny and people here are… well… a bit primitive when it comes to art because they are stuck somewhere in the 70’s which is 40 years ago so I don’t have an audience here for my work.


06) What makes your works standout or different from other digital artist?

It doesn’t. There are millions of fantastic digital artists but from what I see they only DO digital art, unlike me that I play with all the mediums, it’s important for me to keep a solid traditional background. I try to be original, except for fan-art, like the series I created for “American McGee’s Alice \ Returns” which through it I gained some of my popularity. I usually try to create imagery, which isn’t as soft as most people prefer although recently I have.


07) Who (or what) is your biggest influence?

My father, I remember as a kid he used to paint dark distorted images, scary stuff and I loved it. Today he doesn’t paint anymore but I hope that one-day after he’ll go on pension he’ll paint again. He’s an amazing painter and it’s just a waste for the world not to see his stuff.


08) Do you have a style that you relate to the most?

I like dark imagery; I prefer the morbid or just the gothic look much more than the Anime or the “cute” style most people prefer. I love kitsch, the Russian kind; the older kind than the modern one with a lot of flowers, details and well, stuff! Victorian/old-antique works as well. Also specifically an artist you all must know, Michael Hussar, a fantastic painter.


09) Name 3 softwares that you use the most .

Photoshop CS5, nothing, nothing. I do everything on photoshop, I’m a master, I can create anything I want I don’t use anything else what so ever.


10) Where people  can find you?



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