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Stunning Paper Quilled Old People Portraits By Yulia Brodskaya

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Russian-born, UK-based artist Yulia Brodskaya has made an international name for herself as a gifted paper quilling genius. The artist has, arguably, single-handedly reintroduced the masses to a beautifully embellished art form, which dates back to the Renaissance, when French and Italian nuns and monks practiced quilling to create decorative religious objects.

Brodskaya’s portfolio of work has drawn our attention and endless admiration over the years. She’s honed her skill over time, constantly challenging herself to find new ways to practice quilling. Her subjects have ranged from typography to portraiture, each piece further accentuating her talent for the craft with her creative eye for color and texture.

The artist’s newest venture, a series known simply as Old People Portraits, is an ode to those whose faces reflect the lengthy time they’ve spent on this earth—the resulting portrait inspired both by real encounters and a healthy dose of imagination. Each quilled strip serves as a wrinkle on her paper subject’s face, like the rings on a tree—the more rings a tree has, the older it is and the more time it has experienced.


Yulia Brodskaya: Website | Facebook

Taken from My Modern Met

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