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“The Power of Books” – Creative Photo Series By Mladen Penev

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Mladen Penev is a talented graphic designer from Bulgaria. With his creative photo series ,he shows us, how books impact on man, what they can do with us: inspire, scare, make us cry, smile, learn us abouth something…
We all had our favorite stories as kids – those books we begged our parents to read to us a million times over. As adults now, time might be tight, but delving into a really good book offers the same fulfillment and retreat. In books, we look for other means of comprehending our problems or the complexities we question in the world. They expand us with their novel perspectives and emotional force. They simultaneously illuminate our individual circumstances and affirm the essential commonalities of humanity. They offer us alternative settings and narratives against which we can observe the substance and delineations of our own identities. Other times books provide a simple but much needed escape. For an hour or so, we can try on the lives of literary figures or poetic voices and leave behind our own burdens and limitations. We inhabit another outlook or existence and returnboth fortified and fulfilled for the creative venture.
And here is how Mladen Penev sees it.

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