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Utterly Amazing Lip Art

Sprinkles Lip Art

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Artists are taking the art of make-up application one step further when it comes to giving their perfect pouts some well deserved time in the spotlight. These designs are bold and not for the faint of heart, but if you’re thinking of designing your own signature lip art, your imagination’s the limit and you have a perfect blank canvas to practise on over and over again – your own lips!

We definitely think these artists needed a steady hand to create some of the more complex designs, and the right tools are essential – think lip brushes and cotton wool buds to get rid of any mistakes! An extra coating of lip gloss protects the design and looks fabulous! Eye-popping colours and quirky textures can be used to draw attention to your lips (check out the photo of multi-coloured sprinkles you’d normally find decorating the top of your ice cream cone!). For extra inventiveness, why not try out some seasonal themed lip art: spooky Halloween lips anyone? And don’t forget to show us!


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