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25 Creative Handmade Photo Crafts (DIY Gifts)

24. Slides linked together for lampshade

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Handmade photo crafts make awesome gifts any time of the year!  I’ve gathered some great ways to share your family memories with a few simple supplies and a bunch of lovely family photos.

These projects are wonderful for decorating your home or creating a special gift for family members…photo crafts rule!

  1. Picture Frame Memory Wreath
  2. Polaroid Coasters
  3. DIY Nailhead Photo Blocks
  4. Photo Magnet Tins
  5. DIY Polaroid Necklace
  6. Photo Lamp Shade
  7. Instagram Sachets & Beanbags
  8. PVC Pipe Photo Vases
  9. Instagram photo wall display
  10. Photo on DIctionary Page
  11. Family Recipe Album
  12. DIY Photo Canvases
  13. DIY Instagram Calendar
  14. Photo Booth Prop Photo Magnets
  15. Photo Memory Jar
  16. DIY Photo Coasters
  17. Dry Erase Photo Frames
  18. Family Photo Throw Pillows
  19. DIY Photo Pendant
  20. Silly Picture Puzzle Blocks
  21. Photos to Coloring Pages
  22. Photo Bookmarks with Tassels
  23. Photo iPhone Case
  24. Slides linked together for lampshade
  25. Instagram Coasters


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