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25 More Awesome Crafts Ideas!

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There seems to be an endless bounty of fun and creativity!

1. live laugh rowe  Takes and ordinary white wire dish rack and upcycle it into this sensational  Shipping Station!  Gotta love it!


2. April over at The Flourishing Abode  Takes a wire planter…a record and check it out…how cool is this!

She has some really interesting and fabulous other upcycle projects on her blog… so take a peek…ideas ideas ideas!!!


3. Leave it to Amy over at Maker Mama  create this wonderful upcycled clock…I guess the lesson learned here is Don’t LOOSE your LID because it is waiting to be made into a clock : ) I bet there are a lot of ideas simmering out there!


4.  Olive Bites  simply ROCKS the word UPCYCLE!!!!! her blog is filled with amazing creations and I fell in love with these pinch bowls! I have a set of these in my future for sure.


5. One more from Olive Bites  Once you see this…you are going to snatch up the first rolling pin you see…new or vintage…this is brilliant!


6. Over at Design*Sponge (love this site) they take a plain vintage dresser and turn it into this incredible upcycled piece.


7. What do you do with old chippy light fixtures? Candle holders of course.  These beauties are creations from  Chippy! – Shabby!


8. Over at Recyclart you will find this awesome rolling pin rack!  This is so incredibly clever…simple to make and will become an instant conversation piece.  Thrift Stores BEWARE…your stock of rolling pins is going to roll right out the door.


9. How about this book birdhouse sculpture over at Larketechture  Bet you are getting a bit of inspiration from this one!


10.  Leave it to Design*Sponge to come up with this Secrete Storage Box…did you think you could upcycle a piece of art…well you can!

Drop by and get the DYI!


11. There is also a great tutorial on this upcycled artistic lampshade! How cool would this look in a library? den? or how about using vintage music sheets…nursery rhymes…ENDLESS!!!


12. Is this old fencing I see over at BHG?  Yes it is…it has been upcycled into a great kitchen organization station…a place for everything to hang around on!


13. Hangers + Wall Paper =’s art! Thank BHG for another great idea!


14. Here’s a worldly idea…unfortunately it did not come with a diy…but I thought if you want to …you can figure it out…by simply slicing the bottom…inserting the lighting fixtures and plug it in.  It would also make an awesome lampshade.  A world of possibilities!


15. Here is a little pinspiration for you… by using an old window pane as the top of a boxed construction…add hinges and legs and viola… a table with a view. over at Oh Glory Vintage!


16. Happen to have a few palettes? Well take a trip over to  Style Me Pretty  and you will get the inspiration you need for a great outdoor  table…a perfect picnic for 2!


17. When you go to the garage sales or flea markets or even your thrift shops and you see old bed frames and headboards…just really think beyond it’s original use…there are simply amazing to create all kinds of other things and here is an example of yet another one from BHG . Are the ideas flowing in your mind as we speak?


18. Hhere is yet another great idea for floating drawers from Design*Sponge and I know you are going to love it!


19. Woman’s Day shows you a great idea…take a drawer…add legs…how easy can you get!


20. How about taking a favorite book and creating a clutch! KittycanScratch shows you how!


21. Do you have some old jewelry…did you happen to pick up a grab bag at the thrift shop with onesie earrings?  Have you wanted to add just a little bling…a touch pizzaz to a piece of furniture or maybe a coat hanger rack…or…well  from generation to generation

has a brilliant idea…add a piece to a knob and WOW!


22. Who knew? Take a bundt pan or cake pan …hit it with the power of paint…maybe a few holes for drainage…plant and add the umbrella right through the centerhole…pretty brilliant!


23. Have an old vintage cookie or sewing tin?  Well check it out…add a light fixture and there you have it!


24. Here’s another reason from whole living  to save those wine corks!  Well they say don’t cook with a wine you wouldn’t drink : )


25. What a great idea!  There are many times you have an old watch that simply can not be repaired…well why not create a locket watch?  Create a new memory.  I love this idea.

Or you can just take the center piece and add a link and a chain to create a traditional locket.



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