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5 Ways to Create a Vertical Garden

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Growing plants in a vertical garden is a great way to use more of your outdoor living space. Vertical gardens are becoming more popular as outdoor space dwindles and gardening interest rises. Check out these ways to create a vertical garden to beautify your backyard and make better use of your outdoor space:

Use a Wall

One of the best gardening tips for utilizing space is to grow a vertical garden by installing a wall hanging. Consider using a portion of a fence or a patio wall that gets more than 6 hours of sunlight per day. Vertical garden installations can be purchased but homemade versions are easy to make as well. Be sure to use smaller plants that don’t spread aggressively and will do well in small containers. You can use planters or pockets that will hold a small plant as well as long as they provide adequate drainage.

Build Up a Corner

Another option for creating a vertical garden is to use a corner of your outdoor space. Simply place a few planters at different heights to architect a staggered garden area. Corner planters can be purchased or you can also make your own. Place the tallest planter in the corner and then work your way down towards the ground to design a cascading effect. Use planters, boxes or plant stands to create the desired look that will do well in a small corner space.

Hang Some Baskets

Vertical gardening doesn’t have to mean that you have to start from the ground up. Consider hanging baskets around your outdoor living area to help create more space for other design elements. Hanging baskets can be used for multiple plants like vegetables and berries as well as flowers. Make good use of the space that is just under eaves and overhangs by creating your own hanging vertical garden.

Plant Upside Down

There are many vegetable varieties that are now available in upside down planters. A wide variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, beans, and cucumbers can all be grown in these specialized upside down containers that allow the vegetable to hang down below the planter. This a great way to make good use of vertical space as well as grow food that you would normally purchase in a grocery store. Save space with a vertical planter as well as money on your grocery bill by purchasing these unique upside down planters that are widely available.

Upcycled Planters

You can use virtually any kind of container for a vertical garden. Any planter that can be hung or installed vertically can be used to create this special type of garden. Recycled soda pop bottles, milk jugs, or even old shoes can be made into planters. Other types of recycled planters include using the drawers of an old dresser or planting in between the spaces of a worn out pallet. Plants will grow in virtually any container that can hold enough soil as well as drain excess water. Be creative in your vertical garden planters and reuse items to cut down on waste.

Creating a vertical garden with a wall hanging or corner stand are both great ways to use a small amount of space. These vertical gardens can hold a lot of plant life if you get creative with how to use the planters themselves. Consider hanging baskets around your outdoor area to make use of vertical space as well as upside down and upcycled planters. The sky’s the limit for the many ways to create a vertical garden that will add both beauty and save space in your outdoor living area.


Lucy Crawford is a home design and DIY writer, and lover of herbal tea.  With her busy hands she is always challenging herself with a new DIY project. She enjoys designing spaces where she can relax and enjoy a good book.




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