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Amazing Garden Ideas: Creative Flower Pots!

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Now that summer is coming and our plants start getting “babies”, we never have enough pots. But you can use all kinds of things as pots,  old tubs, chairs, creates, drawers, boxes, etc…All that old thing we call junk, can be used again for a flower pots in a new creative way. Repurpose old, damaged or about-to-be discarded items into smart-chic containers!

When you’re planning a colorful garden, petals aren’t the only thing to consider. Leaves, too, vary in hue, impacting the garden’s overall style. For cheerful containers, stain pots in colors that complement their contents.


Hanging Wire Baskets Planter

Create a verdant planter for your front porch using a trio of hanging wire baskets, sheet moss, and 2 containers of ivy.

Hang the baskets, and line each with sheet moss. Remove ivy from 1 pot, and divide in 2. Pot 1 half in top tier, and 1 in middle tier.

Plant remaining ivy in bottom tier. Water when the top inch of soil becomes dry. Ivy looks its best in temperatures above 50 degrees, so make sure your climate is warm enough before you plant.

If you prefer flowers, wait until later in the season and fill baskets with petunias or scaevola instead; keep them in a sunny spot.

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