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Awesome Ways To Reuse Your Broken Things!

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Here is collection of 41 awesome examples how to reuse your broken things! Why would you  to throw it into trash , when you can reuse it and with a little creativity make something cool ?   Check out this ideas I found for your inspiration! Tell me your favorites! 🙂

1. Fill your dyed Easter eggs with beeswax and create tea lights out of them.  More instructions here.  Source:

2. Make plant markers out of broken pots. Source:

3. Or if you’ve got the artistic skill, make a little micro-garden out of those shards. Source:

4. Turn a broken table into TWO desks  : Get the instructions here. Source:

5. A broken umbrella can become one of those awesome kid parachute things.  Get the directions here. Source:

6. You can also make a waterproof, BAGGU-style bag when you take the metal pieces out.  Get the directions here. Source:

7. Melt down old crayons to make new ones, using old prescription bottles or film canisters.  Source:

8. Or use empty glue stick containers to make a cool twist-up crayon. Source:

9. If you see no use for melting crayons to make new crayons, try this crayon wax candle instead. Get the directions here. Source:

10. Here’s the adorable bottle cap version. Source:

11. Salvage ripped flip-flops by making a more comfortable version. Use an old t-shirt for the straps. Get the directions here. Source:

12. Turn a pair of worn-out, falling-apart Toms into summer sandals with some creative cutting

13. Soak your old Crayola markers in water to create liquid watercolors. Soak them for 12-24 hours. Source:

14. Use any broken stemware as candle holders in plants. Source:

15. Use broken plates as garden edging. Source: Source:

16. Or use bits and pieces to help with drainage for garden planters. Source:

17. Save the clips from broken pants hangers. Source:

18. A broken 3-ring binder makes a cute art kit. Source:

19. Turn broken jewelry into magnets. Get the instructions here. Source:

20. They also make lovely charms for a mobile. Source:

21. Glue ’em on bobby pins using industrial-strength E-6000 glue. Source:

22. Or get meta and make an amazing mega piece of jewelry. Get the directions here.

23. Someone made a crazy chandelier out of broken necklaces. Source:

24. Create holographic Christmas ornaments with broken CDs.  Source:

25. Turn those broken ornaments into glitter. Source:

26. Never throw out a broken globe: Source:

27. Because they make great centerpiece fruit or potpourri holders. Source:

28. A chipped teacup makes a really cute bird feeder. Source: fairyscape

29. Even if the glass has broken in a picture frame, it can still become an earring holder display. Get the directions here. Source:

30. You can also make glass beads from broken glass. Check out the tutorial and be sure to follow the safety precautions. Source:

31. This French-style bench is, amazingly, made from two broken chairs. Get the instructions here. Source:

32. Broken chairs can be repurposed into hangers. Source:

33. Or tree swings. Source:

34. Worn-out mattress springs work as a desk organizer and pinboard. Source:

35. An old bicycle tire has many versatile uses, like a baby mobile. Learn how to make this here. Source:

36. Or a pot rack. Source:

37. Or a giant dreamcatcher. Source:

38. A broken ladder becomes shelves, naturally. Source:

39. Turn a broken watch into a locket bracelet of sorts. Source:

40. Or salvage the metal parts and turn one into a magazine holder. Source:

41. An old washing machine drum makes an industrial-looking nightstand. Or a fire pit, crazily enough. Source:

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