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Beautiful Candle Holders

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Candles are infallible piece of home decoration. It gives your home lovely romantic look, and kinda heartwarming feeling! There is always option to buy some cool designs of candle holders, but you can be a little creative and handy, and make your own. The most common diy project for candle holders is tree branch candle holders. Beautiful and so easy, just cut out hole in a log, and you are done. If you want, you can carve whatever you want on it, hearts, flowers, initials … Twigs of trees are also great thing to use, just glue them on classic glass holders! If you have a time and handiness, you can make paper houses, castles, even a city , (previously here) and put in them candles! I think those are the most beautiful decoration pieces!
Here I collected some beautiful examples for you, hope you will enjoy it !

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