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Beautiful DIY Home Gift Ideas

Rainbow Handle Wooden Spoons

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Save a few bucks and make these easy and affordable, heartfelt DIY gifts!

1. The project: Rainbow Handle Wooden Spoons

Bring some color to the kitchen and make cooking more joyful and fun!

For this diy project you will need: Set of wooden spoons; newspaper; assorted non-toxic craft paint; paint brushes; masking tape; scissors; bowls; water; and non-toxic Shellac lacquer.

How to make it: Lay out the newspaper. Squeeze the assorted rainbow paint into separate bowls. Secure a strip of masking tape around the handles of all the wooden spoons, approximately 2 to 3 inches above the bottoms. Paint the handle below the masking tape line with the assorted paint (one color per spoon). Let dry. Remove the masking tape, and coat the handles in non-toxic Shellac lacquer.

For more detailed information, visit Little Bit Funky.



2. The project: Confetti-Patterned Wooden Serving Tray
This rustic-yet-modern tray will make a statement on anyone’s table.

For this diy project you will need: Wood slice; newspaper; paint; paintbrushes; painter’s tape; bowl; water; and waterproof varnish.

How to make it: Paint the top of the wood slice in a color of your choosing. Let dry. Take the painter’s tape, and apply to the top of the wood slice in any which way. Paint the taped sections with the accent colors for a confetti look. Let dry, and remove tape. Lastly, add a coat of waterproof varnish, and let dry.

For more detailed information, visit She Makes a Home.



3. The project: Painted Mugs

Transform simple blank porcelain mugs into gift-worthy kitchenware for the beloved coffee or tea!

For this diy project you will need:  White mugs; dishwater safe porcelain pen; nail polish remover (for mistakes!); and cotton balls.

How to make it: Draw a design of your choosing around the mugs with the porcelain pen. (Use the nail polish remover and cotton balls if you make a mistake.) Let dry. Place the mugs in the oven and bake at 320°F for 90 minutes to set the paint.

For more detailed information, visit Curious and Catcat.



4. The project: Succulent Teacups

 Have a friend pining for an indoor wall garden? Gift her this scaled-down, easy-to-care-for version, perfect for her shabby-chic styled setup.
For this diy project you will need:  Vintage teacup; handheld garden shovel; small succulent plants; potting soil; and pebbles.

How to make it: Purchase a succulent plant from a nearby gardening store or Home Depot. Remove the succulent from its pot, roots and all. Add some soil to the bottom of the teacup, and replant. Fill out the edges with the soil, and place the pebbles around the plant until all the dirt is covered.

For more detailed information, visit Epheriell Designs.



5. The project: State-Pride Coasters
Got a friend or colleague with serious state pride? Delight him with these modern corkboard coasters in the shape of his home state. Bonus: They’re great for soaking up watermarks from his favorite winter ale!

For this diy project you will need: Thin corkboard; computer; printer; paper; pencil; black marker; scissors; tape; X-acto knife; and ribbon.

How to make it: Trace the shape of the state onto paper with a pencil. Cut it from the paper, and trace onto the corkboard with a black marker. Cut the shape from the corkboard with a X-acto knife. Repeat three more times for a complete set of four. Stack the coasters, and tie them together with a ribbon.

For more detailed information, visit Thanks, I Made It.



6. The project: Ceramic Beakers
Perfect for all your self-respecting, science-loving friends, these ceramic beakers make great pen- and-pencil organizers, flower vases or coffee cups.

For this diy project you will need: Ceramic beakers; measuring tape; painter’s tape; pencil; and Sharpie oil-based paint pen.

How to make it: Cut off 2 pieces of the painter’s tape, making sure the length is equal to the height of the beaker. Adhere them vertically to the beaker, 1” to 2” apart. Mark the long, medium and short lines on the beakers with the pencil. Trace the pencil markings with the black, oil-based pen, and let dry. Remove the tape on both sides. Then write the numbers descending from 5 to 1 with the oil-based pen, and let dry.

For more detailed information, visit Oleander and Palm.



7. The project: Recycled Book Votives
Great for the gardener on your list, these pretty botanical-printed luminarias will add instant ambience to any room.

For this diy project you will need: Recycled book on botanicals; glass votives; measuring tape; pencil; X-acto knife; tape; and tea lights.

How to make it: Choose a recycled book (with plenty of graphics!) based on the interests of the gift recipient. Measure the circumference and the height of the glass votives. Select a page from the book where the graphics are the most plentiful, and cut or tear it out. Map out the measurements of the glass votives onto the page. Cut the shapes out with the X-acto knife. Wrap around the glass votives, and secure with tape. Insert tea lights into each votive.

For more detailed information, visit Craft and Creativity



8. The project: Cedar Log Wall Hanging
This rustic, cedar wall hanging pushes the limits of scale to reinvent a space with a cool piece of art.

For this diy project you will need: Cedar log slices; plywood sheathing (measure desired dimensions prior to purchase); newspaper; brown paint; paint brushes; bowl; water; hot glue gun; and hot glue sticks.

How to make it: Purchase plywood sheathing in a desired size. (Tip: Make it easy for yourself, and let the folks at Home Depot cut the plywood sheathing.) Next, purchase pre-cut cedar log slices based on the dimensions of the plywood sheathing. Paint the sheathing in a preferred color choice. (We recommend a brown or tan hue.) Let dry. Lay out the pre-cut cedar log slices onto the plywood prior to securing them down. Attach the slices with hot glue gun, and let dry.

For more detailed information, visit Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics.



9. The project: Moss Moose Silhouette
This moss moose silhouette will add an instant pop of color and texture to anyone who appreciates an eclectic vibe.

For this diy project you will need: Picture frame; measuring tape; cork roll; cardstock; computer; printer; paper; moss; hot glue gun; hot glue sticks; scissors; and pen.

How to make it: Measure the frame’s inside dimensions. Sketch the measurements onto the cardstock, and cut it out. Cut the cork roll to the same size. Adhere the trimmed cork roll to the cardstock. Print off an image of moose, and trace it onto the paper. Cut it out, and trace onto the cork with a pen. Hot glue the perimeter, adhering the moss. Then fill in the rest of the shape, let dry, and tape into the back of the frame.

For more detailed information, visit Home Heart Craft.



10. The project: Food Stand
This food stand lets the ultimate baker show off her decadent desserts during the holidays, and gives her a place to put the fresh fruits afterwards.

What you need: Decorative plates; candleholder; adhesive strips; and scissors.

For this diy project you will need: Cut 4 thin adhesive strips, and remove the paper backing. Place them along the top of the candleholder. Place the dish onto the top of the candleholder, pressing down firmly.

For more detailed information, visit The Hobby Room Diaries.



11. The project: Metallic Spoon Wreath
This metallic spoon (yes, spoon!) wreath adds an awesome, welcoming touch to anyone’s door.

For this diy project you will need: Craft board ring; poster board; pencil; scissors; masking tape; wire cutters; plastic spoons; gold, silver, bronze-hued spray paint; glue; 1” wide brown ribbon; 3” wide red ribbon.

How to make it: Trace a circle on the poster board, and cut it out. Trace and cut out the inner part of the circle. Secure the craft ring onto the back of the poster board with masking tape. Leave a 3” gap without tape at the top of the circle. Cut off the handles to the spoons. Lay out the spoons onto the circle to determine how many you need before spray painting and securing down. Spray paint the spoons, and let dry. Starting from the outside, secure the spoons down, alternating each row with a new color. Let dry. Cut the brown ribbon. Stitch pleats into the ribbon. Secure the ribbon within the inner part of circle with glue. Thread the red ribbon through the craft ring on the back of the circle and tie the ends into a bow.

For more detailed information, visit Fab You Bliss Lifestyle Blog.



12. The project: Metallic Words for Walls
Forget the drab spice rack—fill in the empty space over the stove with these modern, metallic words.

For this diy project you will need: Paper mache letters; newspaper; black acrylic paint; metallic paint; paint brush; bowl; water; and sponge brush.

How to make it: Purchase paper mache letters for the preferred word. Paint them black, and let dry. Paint the letters with the metallic paint, using the sponge brush, and let dry.

For more detailed information, visit Creative Index.



13. The project: DIY Clothespin Frame
Turn your friend’s sterile, messy workspace into a cute, vintage haven with this clever take on the classic corkboard. Add a few fun college photos, but let her use the remaining clothespins to hang the bills, business cards and invitations cluttering her desk.

For this diy project you will need: Ornate, recycled frame; twine; scissors; hammer; nails; and clothespins.

How to make it: Turn the frame face down. Hammer 6 nails into the back of the frame, with 1 nail at the top, 2 on each side, and 1 nail at the bottom. Tie the twine from nail to nail for a zigzag look. Use the clothespins to hang pictures and cards.

For more detailed information, visit Morning Creativity.



14. The project: Glitter Deer Head Silhouette
This new twist on taxidermy adds sparkle and funk to any mantle.

For this diy project you will need: 9” x 12” paint canvas; computer; printer; paper; deer head stencil; scissors; newspaper; pencil; glue; and gold glitter.

How to make it: Print the reindeer stencil, and cut it out. Lay down the newspaper, and place the canvas on top. Place the stencil on top of the canvas, and trace the outline with the pencil. Apply the glue within the outline. Sprinkle on the glitter, covering the shape completely. Let dry, and shake off remaining glitter.

For more detailed information, visit Just Daisy Dreaming



15. The project: Aluminum Vase Makeup Holders
These ultra-chic aluminum makeup organizers are a great way to punch up your friend’s bathroom vanity.

For this diy project you will need: Decorative aluminum sheet with cutouts; measuring tape; small flat head screws and bolts; heavy-duty scissors; work gloves; cylindrical glassware; superfine sandpaper.

How to make it: Put on the work gloves (the aluminum’s very sharp!). Measure the height and circumference of the glassware, and mark off the dimensions onto the aluminum sheet. Cut the aluminum, but add 1” to its width—the aluminum should overlap around the glass a bit. Wrap it around the glassware to form the shape. Sand the edges of the material. Insert the flat head screws through the cutouts with the washers in place and twist the bolt on the other side. Do this at the top, middle and bottom to hold the shape. Slip the sheath over the glassware.

For more detailed information, visit Sugar and Cloth.


16. The project: Vintage Button Clock
This shabby chic -style clock is makes a super cute gift for your favorite how-to enthusiast.

For this diy project you will need: Clock battery and hands; embroidery hoop; fabric; scissors; fabric glue; 12 vintage buttons; pencil; needle; and thread.

How to make it: Put the fabric into the embroidery hoop, glue, and trim off excess material. Mark off the cardinal points of the clock onto the fabric. Lay the selected buttons onto the markings, and then sew them into place. Puncture a small hole into the center of the fabric, and secure the clock battery and hands into place.

For more detailed information, visit Epheriell Designs.








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