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Button Up! Fun Crafting Ideas Using Buttons!

Button Hair Clips

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Buttons are great craft materials – they come in literally hundreds of shapes, sizes and colours which, with a little bit of inspiration, can be used to make some amazingly quirky things to suit any occasion or mood. Keep buttons together in a special container and take them out whenever you feel a burst of creativity (have a quick peek here to see how to make some great storage spaces using old cereal boxes!).

Soft furnishings can be jazzed up within minutes using a few brightly coloured buttons and a needle and thread. This is super effective on things like lamps and cushions, but any square of plain fabric that needs a bit of sprucing up is perfect for buttons. For hard surfaces, or places that are awkward to reach, use a hot glue gun to fix the buttons in place.

Even small items like hairclips can get an instant button makeover – use contrasting colours for that extra wow factor! Creative brides-to-be might want to try their hand and making an amazing button bouquet instead of flowers. They not only look great, but double as a keepsake to remind you of your special day!


  1. Button Hair Clips  
  2. Button Napkin Holders 
  3. Red Button Valentines Card 
  4. Cushion Decorated With Buttons
  5. Box, Vase And Frame Buttons 
  6. Button Lamps 
  7. Button Clock 
  8. Button Wedding Bouquet 
  9. Button Bouquet In Vase 
  10. Christmas Button Bauble 
  11. Button Wreath 
  12. Button Calendar 
  13. Button Coat Pegs
  14. Black Button Coaster
  15. Button Embellished Notebook 
  16. Button Doll Charm 
  17. Button Paper Clips
  18. Kids Button Craft Necklaces 
  19. Bright Button Belt
  20. Button Embellished Headband 






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