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What to do with: Canned Food Tins

Tin Can Pin Cushion

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Before popping empty canned food tins into the recycling box, take a minute to look through our inspiring collection of really useful stuff made from this amazing material. As almost everybody uses tinned foods for something or other, there’s always plenty around. Ask your friends and family to keep empty tins aside for you and get creative!

A simple sprucing up with some fabric or leftover wallpaper instantly transforms an old tin of beans into a lovely storage space for pens and pencils, cutlery, safety pins, sewing stuff…the list is endless! Help your kids stand tall with a pair of tin can stilts, which they can then paint anyway they like, or amuse them by showing them how to make a tin can telephone (which doubles as a science lesson if you explain to them how it works). One of the easiest things to make from a tin can is a lantern. Simply remove the label, fill the empty can with water and freeze it. Once it’s frozen, draw on your design and then use a hammer and a nail to create the holes. Let the ice melt, paint it your favourite colour, or leave it as it is, and pop a candle in. Voila!



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