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If you’ve always marveled at those DIY mavens who manage to make everything themselves, why not resolve to add a touch of homemade to your repertoire ? We dug up this cool DIY project , all you need is to be creative and handy!   




– floppy disks (if you don’t have a treasure trove of them from the 90s, head to Amazon)
– hot glue or Marine Glue if you have more time
– plants! (or soil + seeds + yogurt containers)


Get all of your materials in order. The glue will be for attaching the disks to each other. The scissors are for cutting the rim off your plastic planters, if they don’t quite fit in your floppy disk box.

Arrange your floppy disks by color. A set of 25 is perfect for 5 planters – 5 disks for each planter.

Heat up your glue. Squeeze a thin line onto the edge of a disk and attach it to the second disk’s edge. Keep going until you’ve gone all the way around.

The great thing about hot glue is that if you don’t get it quite right the first time, you can easily peel off. If you do turn this into full soil-ready planters, we recommend sealing with a more serious epoxy or hardware glue.

For the bottom, glue four edges of your fifth disk and attach!

Now to get your plant ready. The rims of the planters we bought were just a touch too wide, so we used scissors to cut off the rim. If you’re planting something from scratch, we recommend reusing an old yogurt container.

If you really want to nerd out, you can use floppy disk labels to name your plants, and to make notes about how to care for them. We named ours Blossom for obvious reasons.

Make sure all their leaves are in place, trim off any dead branches or weeds, and get them watered.

Et Voila!  A little extra oxygen at your desk, kitchen table, or coffee table is just what the doctor ordered.

And they love the sun! We used a mix of succulents and hearty houseplants. Head to your local gardening store and see what they recommend.

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