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Creative and Unique Ideas: How to Decorate with Vintage Ladders

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When I’m searching for inspiration and crafty ideas, I’m seeing pretty much different ways that people used vintage pieces to decorate their homes and outdoors. I noticed that  old ladders can be used over and over again in so many creative ways. So I’ve put my favorites ideas here in this post to share it with you! 

The simplest use of vintage ladders is to prop them up against a wall and drape items on the rungs!  The rungs of a vintage ladder are also a perfect place for hanging towels in a bathroom. Ladders with flat rungs can be used to display favorite items in your home.

A propped vintage ladder can be used as a tall, narrow bookcase that’s ideal for those hard-to-decorate corners of a room. To create more shelving space, place two ladders side by side and add distressed shelves across the rungs.

A suspended ladder can also be used as a unique pot rack,can be turned into  a coat rack or if you are out of closet space, use ladders for holding your favorite high-heeled shoes or accessories such as scarves and necklaces!

If you have a front porch, think about using a vintage ladder when you decorate the outside of your home next  fall.






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