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Creative ways of reusing old suitcases

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Suitcases are items you use whenever you need to travel somewhere. Usually, they are only used a few times a year. This is both good and bad. It means that they will serve you for many years to come as they deteriorate very slowly, but it also means that you’ll probably have to change them sooner than you would want to because they will no longer be up to date. This seems like an inconvenient but it can be easily turned into something positive.


Old suitcases that you no longer use can be transformed into beautiful decorations or even functional items and furniture pieces. They will be original and will also have a vintage feel very difficult to recreate. Let’s see what you can create with old suitcases.

Given their dimensions and shape, old suitcases can make wonderful suitcases. They are practical and very original. Depending on your preferences, you can either create a low coffee table by simply attaching casters to the suitcase, or a tall coffee table, in which case you need to attach legs to a frame. The suitcase can serve as a top and it can also provide a practical shelf. You can either leave the suitcase as such or repaint it. In order to protect it, you can also add a glass top. You could also use old suitcases to create side table or even nightstands.

Chairs and ottomans.

Another great thing you can make out of an old suitcase is a chair or ottoman. Ottomans are very easy to make. All you need to do is attach four small legs or casters to the suitcase and some soft upholstery. You’ll get a very cozy footstool or an extra seat whenever you need it. You can also skip the feet and place it directly on the ground. There are two options. You can either leave the suitcase as such or open it up to create a backrest. For the chairs the process is very similar. You would have to use taller feet. You can also make a comfortable bench. It all depends on your needs and preferences and also on the size and shape of the suitcase.

Pet beds.

You might not have use for your suitcase anymore but your pets would definitely be grateful if you would make them a nice and cozy bed out of it. This is a particularly fun project because you get to play with the design and come up with all sorts of ideas for decorations and accessories. An old suitcase would make a lovely bed for a cat or a small dog. You can add legs to the suitcase or place it directly on the ground. You would have to find a small mattress for the interior and a removable cover for it. You can also add scratching poles for the cats or screwing toys for the dog.

Special trunks.

An old suitcase could also be used as a storage trunk. You could transform it into a fully-equipped picnic case. You can attach straps to the upper part that would hold the plates, napkins, forks and other elements and the interior can be used to either store several other accessories or food, depending on what you’re planning to take with you. The exterior of the suitcase can also be personalized for this occasion with collages and prints. You could repaint the suitcase or cover it with fabric. It’s a great way to keep everything organized and ready for the occasion.

Displays for cosmetics and jewelry.

Old suitcases can also be transformed into original displays for your cosmetics and jewelry. Of course, they would have to be relatively small. This would a particularly fun project because you get to transform the suitcase and redecorate it in any way you want. You can use different types of fabric, maybe add some lights inside, even a couple of drawers if there’s enough space. It would be like a small home for all your cosmetics and jewelry. You can beautifully arrange them and keep everything organized and you’ll also an ingenious and original decoration for your home.


And since we were talking about storage items made from old suitcases, here’s another idea. You can use a vintage suitcase to make an original cupboard. You can add shelves, hooks and anything else you want. You can use the cupboard to store books, cleaning supplies, maybe even glasses and wine bottles. Depending on your needs, you can create a clever storage unit for your home. The dimensions of the suitcase are also important. These mini-cupboards can be placed anywhere you need them and they are easy to include in any type of décor. If they don’t, you can always redecorate them.

Different ideas from old suitcases.

As you can see, there are many different things that can be made out of old suitcases. These items can be placed anywhere in the house: in the bedroom, in the living room, in the dining room and even in the kitchen. Depending on your needs, you can transform them in almost anything you want. For example, you can use old suitcases as storage cabinets in the kitchen or as suspended shelves. You can also transform them into original planters that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s all up to you to come up with ideas that work for you and your home.


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