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Creative Ways Of Using Barrels In Home Decor

Coffee Table

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Here is one more awesome material for DIY projects ! With a bit of creativity and some skills, you can repurpose old barrels , and make beautiful home accessory or piece of furniture!

Coffee Table

Cut the barrel into two halves and use as a coffee or a side table. The round glass can be used as a tabletop and increase the surface of the table. If the barrel is cut vertically it will require a tabletop but the surface of the table will be considerably bigger.


Barrel parts can be used to create a three-legged stool which would look great at the home bar or wine-tasting room or outdoors.

Wine Storage

A barrel can also be used to store wine. There are various ways of turning it into a wine rack though. It can also it can be used as a wine or any beverage cooler and a bar-like glass rack.

Beverage Cooler

Cut vertically wine a barrel half provides with a container for storing and cooling various beverages.


Going for rustic style in bathroom or kitchen? Create a vanity out of a barrel for a sink. Of course, the sink should be rounded to fit with the shape of the barrel.


A barrel can also make for a great planter for indoors and outdoors alike. It’s a great and easy way to recycle an old barrel in the garden.

Mirror Frame

A barrel ring can make for a great rustic mirror frame.


The barrel staves can be used to build a swing or a hammock. Each stave connects to another with rope or screws and create  a structure that can be used as a chair or swing.

Pet Bed

Need a pet bed? Barrel can be quite an easy solution. Just a half of it will do. Fill it with a soft cushion and the bed is ready.


A fountain is a complex thing to build but the end result is simply gorgeous.

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