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DIY Idea – Cute Love Tree

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? If not, this year is the year to start! This DIY Valentine’s Love Tree is a way to add a little style to this lovely holiday, while sharing sweet sentiments with your loved ones.




Here’s what you’ll need:

colored paper (red, pink, white, etc.)


hole punch



small indoor tree

Let’s get started:

chop chop!

chop chop!

Simply fold your paper in half and cut half of a heart. Doing it freehanded makes your hearts different shapes and sizes, which I think is much cuter than using the same shape. Unfold and “vuala!” I made multiple folds in the paper so I didn’t unnecessarily waste paper.

getting a little heart crazy

getting a little heart crazy

I also made “heart chains” by cutting this thin border around the preexisting heart cuts. Just keep the paper folded from the original hearts and cut like so ^

heart attack!

heart attack!

Hole punch your hearts

holey moley

holey moley

i <3 you

love, love, love…

Thread a twine or ribbon through the hole and tie a knot. Now you’ve got your ornaments!

love notes

love notes

Elect different members of your family and friends to write love notes to eachother on the hearts. We thought it would be cute to do “14 days of Valentine’s” and require family members to write a new note every day until Valentine’s Day. You can decide to write “reasons you love” your son, daughter, husband, wife, roommate, etc. If you live alone? Get creative, write the names of all your loved ones on each heart or write all the reasons why you love yourself! Whatever! Either way, these notes are sweet, fun and so darn cute!

Jackson writing "I love you all" to his family

Jackson writing “I love you all” to his family

ready to some login

ready to some lovin’

Set up a bowl with extra blank hearts so people can add to the tree little by little.

Jackson hanging his note

Jackson hanging his note

the collection

so sweet

love tree

to tree or not to tree…

up close and personal

up close and personal

Make sure to send us pictures of your love trees this Valentines!



(via My Chic Life )

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