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DIY Ideas: Creative Flower Vases

Flower vase

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  1. Blue vase   Upcycle a vase with paint on the edges.
  2. Stained glass vases  Use stained glass paints to make pretty bunches of flowers.
  3. Texture painted vases  Use puffy paint to make fun patterns and designs.
  4. DIY Ombre vase  Paint bands of different shades of a color to give ombre effect. Or make a bright vase with rainbow colors.
  5. Metallic DIY vases Spray paint utensils with metallic paint for flowers and candles.
  6. Gold stripes vase   Use painters tape to make golden stripes. via apartment living.
  7. Polka dot vase  Paint the bottle from inside, by filling it with paint and moving around. Once all the area is covered with paint from inside, tilt it upside down to remove excess of paint. Let it dry. Now make cute polka dots on the outside with holes in painters tape.
  8. Marbleized blue vases  Make interesting swirls inside jars and vases with paints.
  9. Dipped vase Simple and easy paint dipped vase.
  10. Chalkboard paint vases    Stripes of chalkboard paint on the vase. Use painters tape to wrap and then paint. Write fun messages on the vases. Also make great handmade gifts.
  11. Acorn vase   Use glue to stick pretty acorns on a container.
  12. Wood vase  Cut slices of wood and stick them on a tin can, terra cotta pots or old pots. You can use branches of wood or bushes.
  13. Stick vases  Glue sticks and twigs on a candle holder or vase.
  14. DIY Floral arrangement   Use tape to make a grid on wide open bowls and vases. The grid makes it easier to decorate flowers. Makes it look beautiful.
  15. Yarn vases Use yarn and glue to upcycle bottles.
  16. Washi tape vases  Use strips of fun and colorful tapes to decorate jars and vases.
  17. Sweater upcycle vases  Cover tin cans and bottles with old sweaters to make pretty and cozy knitted containers.
  18. Stone vase Use grout and decorative stones to cover a pringles can. Wow!
  19. Penny vase  Glue pennies to a pringles can and spray paint it. Such a fun project!
  20. Flower vase  Use disposable spoons to turn a simple jar into pretty artichoke. You can also use spray paint on these!
  21. Seashells vase  Glue seashells to make decorative planters, jars and more…
  22. Lace vases  Use ribbon, burlap and lace for easy and quick revamp.
  23. Metal vases  Use a sheet of metal screen to decorate vases. Use yarn to tie it around.
  24. Hanging light bulb vases   Upcycle fused bulbs into decorative vases with wire and ribbon.
  25. Frosted vase  Tie rubber bands and spray paint frost onto the vase.
  26. DIY Rope Vases  Use rope and yarn to make these beautiful vases. The tutorials are easy to understand with photo instructions.
  27. Photo vases  Print photos and mod podge them on to PVC pipes. Makes beautiful Mother’s day gift.
  28. Pencil vase  Stick pencils onto a vase. I love the cute bow at the end. Makes cute teacher appreciation or house warming gift.
  29. DIY Bamboo vases  Make these with neon bamboo sticks.
  30. Paper vases  Cut strips of paper to make fringes. And glue them onto containers.
  31. Mosaic vase   Use food colors to paint pieces of egg shell. Use vinegar and water to wash them first! Decoupage on vase to make fun mosaic patterns.
  32. Duct tape vase   Stick duct tape and tie a fabric bow to complete this project.
  33. Beads vases  Love these elastic bead bracelets encircling old tin cans (or baby food jars).
  34. Ceramic vases  Anthropologie inspired ceramic flower vases.

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