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Fun And Colorful Spring Crafts To Try This Weekend!

Brighten up basic power cords with washi tape

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Spring crafts everyone’s favourites!

How not to love Spring, think about all that bright colours! Making flower pots, decorating garden, buying new clothes, oh love is in the air! Nature is waking up, so should you! Use this weekend to be crafty and creative, make some gifts for friends to celebrate Spring, or just to embellish your home with some vibrant colours. Put yourself in happy Spring mood with these diy ideas!


  1. Mod Podge
  2. Washi tape power cords
  3. Floral cutlery tags
  4. Vibrant DIY planters
  5. Gift tags
  6. Floral Fabric Mason Jars
  7. Easy two-minute vase
  8. Spray paint Barstool
  9. Watercress planters
  10. Washi tape wall display
  11. Spray Paint Wire Basket
  12. Colorful key charms
  13. Floral wall sconces
  14. Step-by-step skirt tutorial
  15. Pretty paper hyacinths
  16. Spring veggies on your sleeve

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