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15 Handmade Christmas Stockings Tutorials

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There are plenty of great Christmas stockings in stores nowadays. Although handmade stockings are much better because they really invite stuffing. They can be made of felt, burlap, old sweaters and socks and many other materials. Some of them need to be sewed while some other are much more easy to make. Here are some tutorials that might help you with that.


  1. Simple Mini Stocking Tutorial by Diary of a Quilter
  2. DIY Easy Christmas Stockings
  3. Jingle Bell Stockings
  4. Keepsake Stocking
  5. Sparkly, Happy, No Sew, Christmas Stocking
  6. Homemade Stockings
  7. DIY Christmas Stockings
  8. Freebie pattern ~ Swedish Dala Horse Stocking
  9. Burlap Christmas Stocking
  10. Super Last Minute Christmas  Stocking
  11. Retro-Style Christmas Stocking Sewing Pattern & Tutorial
  12. Elf Stocking
  13. Retro Space Age Stocking Tutorial
  14. Sequined Mohair Stockings
  15. Sock Pattern for Knit Christmas Stockings
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