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Handmade Fossils

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Here’s another cool thing you can do with your kids! I can’t imagine a kid that wouldn’t like this 🙂 The idea is that you take a mold of your kid’s foot or anything else and make the coolest fossil ever!

Here are some basic instructions, but you will easily figure everything out just by watching the pictures.

You will need:

  • fine sand
  • container
  • alabaster
  • a variety of toys, action figures, stones, shells, etc.
  • tassel

First, you take some wet sand (enough to cover the surface you’re making the mold in) and pour it in a pot. Do not stump or press it. You need it to be disperse. After that, just get your kid to step into the pot and press as much as possible. Gently pull the leg out of the sand and try to leave a nice footprint (you’l probably need to do this a couple of times, depending on your kid 😀 ). You can do the same with any object you want. Then, you need to mix the alabaster to a almost completely liquid state (like a cream), and pour it over the sand mold. The 2 or 3 cm layer would be just enough. Let it dry for about half an hour and gently pull it out of the pot. Use a brush or anything convenient to brush off the remaining sand and VOILA!

pictures via kokokokids.ru

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