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How to: Make Easter Bunny

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 What you need :

Pannolenci cream and pink, cream-colored embroidery thread, two black beads, a bit ‘of white wool, synthetic stuffing for pillows and the model pdf downloaded from the link below:

Bunny pattern pdf

How do you :

Download the pdf template and cut out the shapes in pannolenci white and pink.

Take the two silhouettes of the body and sew them together in buttonhole stitch, leaving a hole in correspondence with what will be the tail. rivoltate the shape and padded well.

To make the tail there are many possible variations: I used the white wool, but can also be used, for example, those “tufts” of wool pompom. If you use wool, you can have a small pom poms or tie a bunch like I did.

Once you have made your tail, insert it in the hole and fill the seam stitch to “seal” the body of the bunny.

Now let us dedicate ourselves to the legs : take the shapes that you cut out, sovrapponetele two by two and sew a stitch, leaving always the same hole to stuff (this time the templates are not to be turned over). Imbottitele not too much, otherwise they become too big and unsuitable for a Bunny!

For the ears superimpose two at the shapes and sew them in buttonhole stitch, without imbottirle.Then glued to the center of the “little ear” pink (you can also sew these eh, you do ..).

Now that you have prepared all the pieces you just need to assemble.

Before sewing the two black beads that will be the eyes, can assess its position using a pin: the expression of the rabbit varies depending on the position of the eyes. And pay attention to symmetry.

Even in attacking the ears have an eye for symmetry: you can just pierce the head of the bunny with the needle (I apologize to the sensitive souls) so that the needle is horizontal.

The pins also come in useful when sewing the lower legs, helping you to choose the right location.

Attach them to the body so that the rabbit rests on two legs and on the body, so shall beautiful standing.

Hold together the front legs, long body or leaning forward (maybe you feel inclined to make a carrot felt to give her).

If it seems too early, you can cucirci whiskers and a nose. I like most of the animals without a mouth, I seem nicer.


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