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How to: fold paper flowers

I have had three people ask me in the last week how I made these flowers so I thought I would share again! These old maps are beautiful and came from my MIL’s second-hand bookshop. They had been there for ages and weren’t in great condition so I decided to recycle them into decorations for the shop! You can easily see the progression in map-styles…

I actually thought the differences so obvious in the maps would be reflected in the flowers – but they weren’t really – probably because I was a little tentative about cutting right into the middle, “business end” of the maps!
These maps are made out of the most beautiful paper. Crisp, thin but very strong – perfect for folding!
The index portion of one of the maps had some wonderful plain black and white text – so I made one of of that too (bottom left in the pic below)
To mount them I hot glued them onto a lightweight bamboo skewer pressed lightly between the joins of the petals – as long as you hold it firm until the glue dries they will be pretty solid

I wrapped some map paper inside a mason jar and placed a lump of old play-dough in the bottom to insert the skewers into the vase!


Hopefully these instructions are clear – note I have used hot glue to stick these as I find it very strong and you only need the smallest amount as the map paper is very lightweight.

Lowri 🙂

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