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How To Repurpose Everyday Things In A Totally Cool Way!

Turn teacups into plant holders

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Insanely clever ways to repurpose everyday things!

Collecting dust, or just being eyesore in your home, everyday things, old or unused, can be transformed in something useful and cool! Check out this list, I am sure for some of them you’ll say ‘Why did’t I think of that?’  




Plastic bottle as a planter

Use a pepper grinder as an Oreo topping dispenser

Turn a picture frame into a desk organizer

Use jars as easy picture frames

Use rope to cover ugly wires

Turn a crib into a table by adding a glass top

 Hang a basket to hold towels

Use Frappuccino bottles to store bulk spices

Turn an old honey bear container into an adorable vase

Use a mug tree to hold scissors, spools of ribbon, or jewelry

Turn an old drawer into a bedside table

Use a hanger to hold magazines

Keep cords from getting tangled in your purse by keeping them in an eyeglasses case

Use a pants hanger to hold up recipes while cooking

Replace your cabinet knobs with wine corks

Repurpose fluffy socks as reusable Swiffer pads

Use funnels as candlestick holders

Use a dessert stand to hold perfume bottles or jewelry

Turn magazine holders into freezer shelves

Turn a colander into a flower pot

Turn teacups into plant holders



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