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Lampshades with Clear – Throw Away Party Cups

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I found this on Pinterest – The link to the blog is at the bottom of this post. enjoy

I was on a training course a while ago. There were the traditional mineral water in party cups  , oryes, everyone else took them for mugs but I immediately saw that it was actually small lampshades.In the true spirit of recycling and the risk of sounding a little crazy, I took care of most use bags,took them home and washed out of them. Today I did about all the small lamp shades using  fabric glue .

Plot of the cup by rolling it over a piece of paper and draw along the top and bottom.

Cut pieces of  fabric  from the template. I had 16 cups and thus cut out 16 pieces of fabric  .

Glue the piece of cloth are around the cups. I used  decoupage . Cut / rock since a cross in the bottom of the cup  / lamp shades on a  light string .



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