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Learn How To Make Cutest Summer Scrapbook!


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How to Start a Scrapbook? 

Summer is about to end, and we already have a tons of special moments snapped in our phones and cameras. Cherish those memories and preserve them in a cute and creative way! Usually we store those photos at our phones or computers, and most likely we forget them after a while. So, scrapbook is one of the ways to save and protect happy summer moments we had with our family and friends.  Scrapbooking is enjoyable, fun and artistic. Remember how you used to have fun making a scrapbook as a kid where you simply pasted photos on coloured papers, stuck on your mementos and scribbled some wordings on? Yep, almost same! It requires scrapbook paper, tags, photographs, embellishments and a loot of imagination. We are here to help you start! With these adorable free printables and inspirational layouts you can start your journey easily!

Like Martha Stewart said think of your scrapbook as your novel. The scope can be small or large, focused or loose, a chronological narrative or a visual montage.  Fist let’s determinate basic steps (via WikiHow):

  1. Choose the size of your scrapbook. When choosing an album for your scrapbook, you have several sizes to choose from
  2. Gather your design materials
  3. Plan your layout
  4. Start putting your pages together
  5. Fill each page of your scrapbook until it is complete

Collect material and basic supplies, like glue, scissors, printed paper and start brainstorming. Once you figure out which theme and layout you want, start organising. Select the photos you’ll like to go into your specific theme album and collect quotes and titles you want to use as a page titles. Next step is placement of those page elements and that is my friend up to you. Let your imagination flow, and play! Crop, mat, decorate, draw, written, anything you want!


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