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A Little Space Of Your Own: Creating Miniature Gardens

Miniature Garden With Log Cabin

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Gardens are fantastic spaces, whether it’s just somewhere to relax in the sun, work on your gardening skills or simply a little piece of soil and stone to call your own. But sometimes it’s not always possible to have the garden of your dreams at the back of your house (those who’ve ever lived in a high-rise apartment will understand!) Miniature gardens take up virtually no space, and are very fun to make. Browse through our favourite mini gardens and start designing your own miniature paradise!

You can use lots of things to plant your mini garden in, from glass fishbowls, baskets and of course, plant pots (broken plant pots are perfect too, which means you don’t have to throw anything away). If you’re feeling extra creative, adding a water feature, like a pool or pond, looks fantastic in any mini garden! Use sand or soil as a base and mix and match colours and textures to create different looks. Ready made miniature garden kits can be bought online, and make excellent gifts for friends and family!

Doll house furniture adds a lovely touch to any miniature garden, and helps add scale to the whole design. Why not create a themed garden for the holidays? Try making a spooky Halloween garden, complete with miniature gravestones, or a festive Christmas garden, with a cheerful snowman!

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