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Old Sweater Reuse Ideas You Didn’t See!

DIY Sweater Pouf Ottoman

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Now that the cold weather’s finally taking off, check out your sweater collection and if  you’ve got a few ill-fitting or out-of-style sweaters in your stash, try some of these fun sweater crafts to make them useful again!

If you don’t have any old sweaters in your closet, try hitting the thrift store or yard sales to find old sweaters for crafting.



  1. DIY Sweater Pouf Ottoman
  2. Sweater to Mittens = “Smittens”
  3. Knitted planter cozy
  4. Christmas Stockings Made from Sweaters
  5. New Throw Pillows from Old Sweaters
  6. Plaid Thrift Store Shirts to Cozy Throw Pillows
  7. DIY Repurposed Sweater Skirt
  8. DIY Upcycled Socks from sweater sleeves
  9. More Recycled Sweater Vases 
  10. Yellow sweater turns into a bag (with pockets!)
  11. Felted Stuffed Animals
  12. Recycled Sweater Bangle
  13. Felted Knitting Basket
  14. Upcycled Sweater tote part Deaux
  15. Sweaters for jars

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