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What To Do With: Old Wine Corks

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What do you normally do with old wine cork bottles? A lot of people tend to just throw them out thinking that once all the wine’s gone, the cork is useless, but we’re here to tell you that that’s not true at all!

Wine corks can be made into tons of different things, and they’re all pretty easy to make, not to mention useful. We’ve rounded up some of our favourite finished cork crafts to inspire you to make your own!

Super crafty types with some spare time might like to try their hand at making a full-sized armchair made entirely out of corks (although we imagine you’ll need quite a good collection before you start!). Other, simpler projects include making a corkboard for notices and other bits and pieces, which not only looks loads better than shop bought corkboards, but gives you the added satisfaction of being able to say ‘I made that!’. What’s even better is you can paint corks any colour you want to make it extra personal. Top tip: if you’re cutting corks in half, boiling them in water for a few minutes makes it much easier!



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