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Picture Your Magical Fairy Garden On Top. Read This And Make It So!

A tutorial on making this little house with sticks and glue gun.

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This article is for people that want to make fairy garden but don’t know where to start!

Did you like the FAIRY GARDEN collection we’ve shown you in the past?  Take a look at our previous posts:  A Little Space Of Your Own: Creating Miniature Gardens Amazing Miniature Gardens and when you get yourself inspired, here you can find out everything you need to know about making Fairy Garden.

Making the fairy garden is one of those hobbies that brace imagination, creativity, and give us a chance to fly away in the magic of childhood. Having the cutest fairy garden isn’t just about plants, it’s much more than that. The secret is in the details, decorations, ideas! To make charming miniature garden you will need few affordable materials and lot of dreamy fairy tale ideas. Those materials needed involve some natural objects like pinecones, driftwood, pebbles, shells, etc. Fairy gardens can be created in pretty much any sort of container (traditional gardening pot, wheel barrow, old roasting dishes, old sink, plastic sandpit container, bath tub etc).  Ready to get started? Fairy Kate from Garden Sparkle is giving very useful instruction step by step!


The most important thing to remember when embarking on this journey is that with fairy gardening there are no rules!


  • Step 1: Prepare

Ask yourself these questions:

What pot/container will you use? Where it will be places?  Did you collect  fairy garden accessories? Did you find which plants  you’ll be using? Gathered all gardening supplies in one place (good quality potting mix,  gardening gloves and a mask, gardening trowel,  watering can)?

Tips: Choose plants which have the same growing requirements and choose plants of varying heights, shapes and colours that way you will be able to create an interesting fairy garden landscape with elements of contrast. Remember you don’t want to over crowd your pot so be selective and remember to give your plants room to grow.

  • Step 2. Dream & Plan

Brain storm and map out your ideas of where they will be positioned in your fairy garden. Let your imagination on and just go with the flow!

  • Step 3. Planting

Fill your pot/container with potting mix and plant your plants.

  • Step 4. Add the main features, pebbles and extra natural materials.

Add your centre piece ie. fairy house or door and the key features. Then use pebbles to fill in areas.

  • Step 5. Add accessories, fairies and friends

Add extra accessories in certain areas.

  • Step 6. Water your plants and add special touches + a fairy blessing

Water your plants to help them settle in. Add special touches by collecting flowers to decorate window boxes, water features and other areas.


Inspiration sources:

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