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How to: Preserve Your Favorite Fall Leaves

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Colorful leaves are irreplaceable in fall decorations. If you want to keep them pliable and soft for a good long time, then you have to do this little trick! Colors will become more intense and they will be soft for a long time! Then you can use them for table decorations , to make wreaths or for other fun crafts! 

So, after you have gathered up a nice variety of colors, rinse them off and put them into a zipper seal bag.  Mix up a solution of:

½ c. water and  ¼ c. vegetable glycerin.

Pour the solution over the leaves in the bag making sure they are laying flat, not folded or bunched up. It’s only necessary to have enough of this solution to cover the leaves.

Then, press out the excess air and seal the bag so that all of the leaves are covered in the glycerin solution.  Keep the bag of leaves in a cool place to “marinate” for 3-4 days .

Remove the leaves from the solution and carefully blot them dry with a paper towel.  (Don’t rinse them.)  And that’s it!


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